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Joaquin Jacobs

.                                                                          Joaquin Jacobs   (209) 617-4582

Joaquin was introduced to horses early – age eight in Iowa. Her name was Dinah and she gave him a peek at another world, a world of truth and love. For three years they were together in an experience that never left him.

After a 34 year hiatus in California, Alaska, Idaho and Nevada – going to college to study Psychobiology and Molecular biology and a 22 year career as an Analytical Chemist, Joaquin was involved in a laboratory accident that brought him home to his horses and his heart. While hospitalized for sepsis, Joaquin had a dream as the fever broke. In the dream he was riding a grey mare approaching a stream. The weather was cold, rainy and it was dark. The mare carried him across the stream into sunshine and joy. Upon discharge from the hospital he left chemistry and began working with wild horses in Southwest Nevada where the magical relationship with Dinah returned with every horse he met. Joaquin never looked back.

Joaquin has learned about horses from horses.  He founded Pan-Equus in 1993 in Grass Valley CA, as a non profit corporation to study Equine Human interaction; and as the name suggests; it ran the gamut of equine experience; training, driving, breeding,  showing, artificial insemination, foaling, shoeing, ranch management, therapeutic riding, equine assisted psychotherapy, interspecie communication, spiritual guidance and healing.

Joaquin and Pan-Equus are currently involved in trauma healing for veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury along with the many areas where horses are so effective in helping humans.